Monday, May 21, 2012

Tool #1

With new technology arriving in our classroom this fall, our district is having us work through 11 different lesson to expose us to technology that can be integrated into our classroom. I will be posting about my discoveries about each of the "tools" as I go. Below is the response for the first tool.

I have created a blog before using Blogger so I did not find it challenging. I have learned that choosing a short, concise url that I can easily remember is beneficial. I found it easy to create and embed a Voki though I am not crazy about them. I am not sure I want a cartoon like figure on my blog and would rather have a normal picture of myself. I am excited to see what else I can learn though as I make my way through the 11 tools.


  1. Katie, I am definitely looking forward to visiting your blog. I know I will learn a lot of great things from you! P.S. Your picture is on my blog! :) And don't forget to feed the fish!

  2. Thanks Amy! I am excited to visit yours as well!