Top Brain, Bottom Brain

Here are a collection of my posts as I learn through reading and reflecting about Top Brain, Bottom Brain by Kosslyn and Miller. 

Pre Reading Reflection
Ch 1: A New Way of Looking At What Your Brain Says About You
Ch 2: Roots of the Theory
Ch 3: The Duplex Brain
Ch 4: Reasoning Systems
Ch 5: Sweeping Claims
Ch 6: Interacting Systems
Ch 7: Four Cognitive Modes
Ch 8: Origins of the Modes: Nature Versus Nurture
Ch 9: Mover Mode
Ch 10: Perceiver Mode
Ch 11: Stimulator Mode
Ch 12: Adaptor Mode
Ch 13: Test Yourself
Ch 14: Working with Others
Final Reflection


  1. I love how this space is becoming an anthology of your professional learning. It makes me wonder: "If we all had to maintain one.. .what would they look like?"

  2. Very true. I didn't think of it like that. It makes me want to continue now that you have changed the perspective for me.