Saturday, February 15, 2014

TBBB Chapter 6: Interacting Systems

My favorite part of this chapter was reading the story about Phineas Gage. It is crazy that he was able to survive a tamping iron shooting through his brain and destroying the top and bottom part of the front side of his left brain. With this type of distraction is makes sense to me that he was no longer the same person after the accident. The book talks about how the accident damaged and alter how the top and bottom brain communicated together. And it was the change in how the parts of his brain now interacted that altered much of the way he behaved. As I was reading, I kept thinking I couldn’t imagine being a whole different person. I also wonder if he was aware that he changed so much? Did he want to return to who he used to be? Was he frustrated because he couldn’t?


If we as a campus applied what I read about how the is always connecting new patterns and information to the patterns we have stored in our brain and that our brain is always creating associations with previous information then as teachers we should first be concerned with revealing what our students already know and think. If we can only learn something new by connecting it to something old then we must always consider what our students bring to the classroom.


This idea also connects to the chapter Quinton and Holly has us read for staff development about the theory of the world. 

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