Saturday, February 15, 2014

TBBB Chapter 7: Four Cognitive Modes

“First, it’s important to realize that although the predictions we just summarized flow naturally from the theory, we have not directly tested them [the cognitive modes.]” 

This is where I start to become skeptical and a little unsure of the book. Why do you publish something before you have tested your theory? Can you call it a theory without having tested it? You derived your theory by looking at a bunch of other peoples research, did the authors do any of their own research to back up their theory? Is this just another pop culture phenomena about how to classify people? 


The summarized the four cognitive modes in this chapter: mover, perceiver, stimulator, adaptor.

Here is chart they used in the book to allow you to see where the modes stem from:

Highly Utilized Top
Minimally Utilized Top
Highly Utilized Bottom
Mover ModePerceiver Mode
Minimally Utilized Bottom
Stimulator Mode
Adaptor Mode

As I read through the different descriptions of the modes I found that I best identified with the mover mode. They describe people who operate in the mover mode as people who are inclined to implement plans (top brain) and also register the consequences (bottom brain). I find this an accurate description of my personality. They also say people who operate in the Mover Mode are often leaders. I find myself comfortable in leadership roles and my role as department chair at school serves as evidence of this.

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