Tuesday, January 21, 2014

TBBB Chapter 1: A New Way of Looking At What Your Brain Says About You

After reading chapter 1,  I created a graphic to organized the general information they gave about the brain. I am sure they will go into more detail as the book goes on, but creating this got me oriented and ready for information to come. 


The following quote stood out to me as I read the first chapter.

“If you were expecting to see your friend in the crowd, this would actually be easier than noticing her without warning. The expectation (vis the top brain) “primes” the recognition machinery in the bottom brain” (Kosslyn and Miller 14).

This passage made me think of Frank Smith’s ideas about prediction and our theory of the world in Reading Without Nonsense. It makes me wonder, “If students are predicting and asking questions about what is to come will this “prime” their brain for the new information? Will this help them to recognize what they are looking for easier?”

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  1. I'm wondering if your reading can be connected with your triathlon work. Are there corresponding moments in your running, biking, swimming that facilitate the same type of process?