Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Top Brain, Bottom Brain Pre Reading Reflection

What are three things you know to be important to teaching and learning?  Why are they important?  How do you ensure that your students experience them?

Three things I know to be important to teaching and learning is forming relationships with students, accessing prior knowledge and presenting materials in multiple ways. They are important because students want to feel known and feel safe in order to learn and be honest about their learning. Learning is a vulnerable process and happens more when you are learning from someone you trust. Because I believe this I work hard to establish relationships with my students and show them I care. To teach students something knew effectively you have to know what they know. By doing this you can connect the new learning to the old learning and help to clarify misconceptions. Because I believe this to be true I try to ask questions at the beginning of a new unit or class to figure out what they know and think. Finally, I try to present information through readings, student listen, visuals, on-line simulations and labs so students have different ways to gain the same information. Students also draw, complete math problems, write, read, color code, diagram in order to learn chemistry.

Make a prediction regarding what you hope to learn from reading and interacting with your book of choice.

Base on what I have read about this book, I expect to learn more about how they brain works. I have grown up hearing about left brain and right brain individuals. In the summary for this book it says it will show how this is not a correct theory. I look forward to learning more about how they brain works and how I can apply that to my teaching. I am curious to know how the top of my brain works differently but I bet in conjunction with the bottom of my brain. 

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