Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Top Brain, Bottom Brain Independent Book Study

I have decided to engage in an independent reading project with my colleagues at Northbrook High School. Together will be reflecting on independent books and learning from each other through our posts. You can follow the progress of all involved on the blog http://nhsreadstogether.blogspot.com. I will be reading and reflecting on the book, Top Brain, Bottom Brain: Surprising Insights into How You Think by Kosslyn and Miller. They also have a blog: http://topbrainbottombrain.blogspot.com.

I have decided to post my reflections on my personal blog but I will keep a link to all of my posts on the community blog so people are able to follow my journey. I feel that this is another way to honor the motto and title of this blog: I am still learning. 

The reflections will consists of a pre-reading reflection, reflections after each chapter and then an overall reflection after finishing the book. I hope you are able to learn along with me as I learn more about the brain and how it is connect to learning. 

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