Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tool #3

1. YouTube is usually where I go to search for videos first. It is easy to navigate and familiar to me. I also like that Discovery Education has videos where you can just download segments of videos. Another website that I have  used videos from is NBC Learn, especially from Chemistry Now.

2. One of my goals next year is for my students to become more autonomous. For some students, I think access to videos over the content could be a helpful way for them to learn chemistry. A teacher who goes by the name Chemistry Guy has created many chemistry videos directed at general and AP chem. Many of them can be found on YouTube. This one is on atomic theory. One of our first AP chem topics.

Through his website (www.chemguy.com) you can also find access to his videos. Another resource like this would be Khan Academy. While I don't see these as a primary teaching method for the classroom, I see them as great supplements and extra resources for students. 

Another way I use videos is to show experiments or demos that are more dangerous. Though some can be done in the classroom, I sometimes get nervous. I need to create a safe demo environment so I can do some more live. 

3. I am still confused by the Copyright laws. But I think I have a basic understanding that if I don't impede the owners ability to make money from it and use small pieces of copyrighted material for teaching or critique I should be okay.

4. Creating a Dropbox account was very simple. I can see this as an easy way to share important files with students so the don't have to be in my classroom to get an extra copy. It can also become a way to reduce the amount of paper in my classroom and have students share files with me.

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