Monday, June 18, 2012

Tool #5

The first tool I used was Prezi. I am working on creating an Prezi to introduce the big 3 questions my year will revolve around in both AP and General Chemistry. It is not finished yet but I am enjoying learning the program. I am also excited about the capability of sharing it with others and having them edit it. I think it could be a neat way to create classroom brainstorming mind maps and then be able to see it in a slide show with the whole class. It could be a neat way to follow everybody's thinking. Here is the start of my Prezi slide show:

The second tool I used was Wordle. I could see this being useful to help students find a main idea in a reading. Here is a snap shot of my Wordle using a summary of Daniel Pink's book, Drive.
Wordle: Drive Summary by Daniel Pink

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