Monday, July 16, 2012

Tool #10

Things I want to students to remember about digital citizenship:

  1. Whatever you post/write/text/email is permanent. Someone can track it down.
  2. Do not believe everything you read. Make sure check the source of the information. And always give credit when credit is due.
  3. Cyberbullying is NOT okay. Please report it.
I could see myself using Common Sense as a resource when teaching students digital citizenship.  I like how you can search by topic and grade level to find what is appropriate for your particular lesson and students.

I believe that Digital Citizenship should be taught in context with your lessons. If you are starting a research project, it would be an appropriate time to discuss how to find credible resources and how to give people proper credit for their ideas. If you are starting an online discussion with students, it would be appropriate to have a discussion about appropriate and inappropriate comments, especially about how to disagree appropriately.

I think that biggest thing to communicate with parents is which online tools you are using with your students and make it available to them as well. It is also important that you communicate that you wish they would help the students here a similar message at home about appropriate on-line behavior.

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