Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tool #7

I think technology can be a great way to be able to collaborate with different classrooms. One way in which I believe it can be beneficial in science classroom is through lab data. I believe that sharing lab data collected in different classrooms can be a great way to reinforce the ideas of validity, the need for multiple trials, the need for reproducible procedures, etc.I feel like I could collaborate with any of the other chemistry teachers on our campus and could possibly expand to other chemistry teachers in the district.

Identifying unknown chemicals:

  • Objective: Students will identify unknown chemicals by testing different intensive properties of the chemicals.
  • Implementation: This lab would occur during the first 6 weeks when we are learning about how to identify different properties of chemicals.
  • Tools: Google docs and spread sheets to record data, a back channel for discussion, video sharing or voice threads to allow different classes to hear a lab groups discussions and show procedures used during the lab.
  • Plan: Students would be given 4-6 chemicals that they would be asked to identify. Students would use different lab techniques and observations  to identify intensive properties such as density, melting point, color, etc. They would also be given reference materials that would be there to compare their data to for the identification process to happen. Students would be require to validate their data and identification using their data plus 3 other groups from a different class.

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